Harris, Thomas: The Silence of the Lambs

Description:  The bestseller by Thomas Harris was adapted to film by Jonathan Demme in 1991.
Author:Harald Krapfenbauer
ISBN: 3423050012   ISBN: 3423050012   ISBN: 3423050012   ISBN: 3423050012 
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The Silence of the Lambs / Thomas Harris

to mutilate - verstümmeln
moth - Nachtfalter, Motte
chrysalis - Puppe, Kokon
investigation - Ermittlung
urbane - weltmännisch
savage - unzivilisiert, gefährlich

Clarice Starling: A potential FBI agent who is about to complete her training.
Hannibal Lecter: He once has been a brilliant psychiatrist and is now imprisoned because of a fetish for cannibalism.
Jame Gumb: criminal psychopath who murders young women to sew clothes made of their skin. He is named Buffalo Bill by the FBI as long as they don’t know his real identity.
Special Agent Jack Crawford: Section Chief, Starling’s boss. He is the most successful tracker of serial killers at the FBI.

A serial killer named Buffalo Bill has killed and mutilated six young women who were found in rivers. Clarice Starling is a young, ambitious FBI trainee who is pulled out of school by her boss Jack Crawford to go on a special assignment: She has to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a very dangerous psychopathic killer, whose nickname is "The Cannibal" because he likes to eat parts of his victims. Buffalo Bill once had been Lecter’s patient and so the FBI hopes to find the criminal through Lecter’s knowledge about him.

Lecter plays an enigmatic game with Starling: While he provides her with snippets of data that can lead her to the criminal, he systematically uncovers and enjoys her personal fears.
During official trips to the places where the victims were found, Starling and Crawford discover moth’s chrysalises placed in the throats of the victims after they had been killed and skinned.

Starling, who gets an ID-Card and a speedloader for her work for the FBI, is running out of time when Catherine Martin, the daughter of Senator Ruth Martin, is kidnapped and Buffalo Bill is suspected for it.
Because the Senator wants to speak personally to Hannibal Lecter, he is brought into another prison by plane, but unfortunately he is able to escape in an ambulance car and not imprisoned again.

While Jame Gumb plans to skin Catherine, the analyze of a moth from a victim’s throat cannot help the FBI to pick up the right trail. In spite of the risk getting recycled at school, Clarice Starling visits the victim’s homes, because it’s the only chance to find the killer. Without knowledge, she knocks on Buffalo Bill’s door a few days later. She identifies him only when she notices a moth on his pullover.
In the following Clarice and Buffalo Bill chase each other around his basement, with all lights out, but then she outwarts Bill and kills him by a shot in his lungs.

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